We are dedicated to provide the complete solutions to our customers'
needs in flow measurement applications.

With the world leading MEMS (micro electro mechanical systems) mass flow sensing technology and
package technology, we are ready to offer a wide spectrum of off-shelf products as well as
customized products that will serve today's increasing demands of flow measurement, monitor and
control in energy, medical, food & beverage, machinery, environmental and many other industries.  

Our worldwide dedicated technical support team commits to work 24/7 with our valued customers
for a fast response to any technical issues till their full satisfaction.  <more>  
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ISO 9001:2008
ISO/TS 16949:2002

May 1 Siargo will exhibit at Medica at Dusseldorf, November, 2016.

Feb 16 Siargo and Servoflo entered agreement that Servoflo will be the primary distributors for
Siargo's products.

Feb 1 Siargo starts to ship FS6122 - an integrated MEMS pressure and mass sensors for CPAP

Jan 20 Siargo announces to participate SensorExpo 2016 at San Jose Convention Center.
The newly released portable MF5700 series mass flow meters are
be used in many gas flow applications. The meters measure gas
flow from 0.1SLPM (in DN6) up to 200 SLPM (in DN12) . The
user friendly interface including standard Modbus and analog
output that can meet the requirements of most of the industrial
more ...
more ...
- Mass flow sensors
* CPAP applications
* Anesthesia electronic
  flow meters
* Ventilators
* Peak meters
* Asthma monitor
* Disposable sensors
* Instrumentation
* Equipments
* Machinery
* and many more ...

- Mass flow meters
* Gas flow measurements
 and monitor
* and others...
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